Award-Winning Debut Book in New Fantasy Series for Kids Sells Out of Its Initial Run and Is Already in Reprint

“To me your book was greater than the Percy Jackson Series! I can’t wait till the next book!” Review from Elena Fehder, age 13

“The Tale of Edgar Trunk is a tale about mystery, friends, and one’s deepest fears. Just about anyone who picks up the book will be sucked in...” Review from Zack Slansky, age 9

The accolades keep pouring in for the new fantasy series for kids by Jason O. Silva titled The Tale of Edgar Trunk. In addition to numerous glowing reviews from boys and girls alike, book one in this debut series received the coveted Gold Medal in the 2011 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award contest in the Pre-Teen Fiction Mystery category.

This initial book in the series, explains Silva, pushes the following question: What if we as a civilization gave up on the Earth, and the Earth one day gave up on us? What would we do? What would we become?

“Somewhere in the aftermath of this scenario,” he says, “we have Edgar Trunk at ten years old, clueless, clouded in mystery...but not for long.”

Orphaned at the tender age of one, Edgar Trunk has spent most of the first decade of his life in a horrible sludge factory under the tutelage of the towering and monstrous Uncle Warnock. He has known only the joys of the occasional book and the camaraderie of his lanky and awkward companion Stewpot.
Edgar’s dreary life changes when a mysterious knocking sound draws him into the maze of factory hallways and through a peculiar door, where he encounters an entire world of curiosities and adventures, from talking dust bunnies to a variety of terrifying creatures that haunt both his waking and sleeping hours.

To realize his true destiny, Edgar will have to summon up his own internal power, overcome his fears, and escape the evil forces known as IT and HIM. Only then can he solve the mysteries of the factory, but will his courage awaken before it is too late?

Silva comments, “The combination of a vivid dream and a notion about our changing environments bloomed in my imagination, resulting in a mysterious tale and a dark but rich world where book one is only the beginning. Edgar’s journey is one I want to explore.”

The award-winning The Tale of Edgar Trunk: Book 1 sold out of its initial run and is already in reprint. For more information or to contact the author for media commentary, email
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