Steps 5 & 6: Updating Title Info With Bowker & Creating a Barcode

Now that you have ALL of your proper registrations and identifying numbers, you are able to fully complete your title info on the MyIdentifiers page and then generate a barcode.

What you will need:
a) ISBN-13
b) ISBN-10
d) Book Dimensions & Weight
e) Bibliographic Data
f) Retail Price

Updating Title Info
This is key because Bowker will include this information in the Books-In-Print database, which is used by many retailers and librarians to identify or find available titles.  Additionally, you cannot create a barcode without the information detailed above.

Creating a Barcode
This is important and fun and completely anti-climactic.  Creating a barcode is a piece of cake once you've followed all the previous steps in the process.  On your MyIdentifiers account page, you simply click to create a barcode for your title.

Almost instantly, a jpeg of your barcode will be generated.  Save it to your computer.  Additionally, the files will be emailed to you in jpeg and eps formats.  Eps is vector-based and can be cleanly enlarged to any size.  But now that you have the barcode, you can complete your cover art and submit your title for production.

Note: if the price changes for your title, or you create a new edition and thus a new ISBN, you will need to replace the barcode with a new one.  Right now, it costs about $25.