Steps 3 & 4: Filing for Electronic PCN Program & Filing for an LCCN

In order to get an LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) for your title, you need to apply to the Electronic PCN (Preassigned Control Number) Program.  The LCCN is the unique Library of Congress number that goes on the copyright page and identifies your title.  Additionally, the LCCN is used by librarians to catalog and find your title.

So what's the Electronic PCN again??  It gets confusing, so let's clarify now:

  • LOC -- Library of Congress
  • LCCN -- the unique identifying number for your title
  • PCN -- the preamble to your LCCN & the program that allows you to get one
More On the PCN
As it may seem, the "Preassigned" Control Number is one you receive prior to publication.  An LCCN is not automatically assigned for your title, and to even apply for one, you will need to first go through this program.  This is a TWO-STEP PROCESS.
  • Apply to the program at  For this you will need the name of your business, etc.
  • After submitting the application electronically, you should receive confirmation and an account in about a week or so.  Then you need to logon and complete a PCN application for each title.  You will need your title's ISBN for this, as well as several other title details.
Once you have an account and a PCN for your title, an LCCN will be generated.  There will only be one PCN account per participating publisher.