Step 2: Assigning ISBN to Your Title

This is really an addendum to step 2.  Once you have purchased your ISBN block through Bowker using the MyIdentifiers site, you are good to go.

Here you will be able to accomplish 3 biggies:
a) Input all of the details of your book
b) Create barcodes for each edition
c) Make your book discoverable online through SEO

Inputting the Details
These details include synopsis, publisher info, author info, and genre.  But they also include book format, dimensions, weight, pack quantity, and availability.  Booksellers and distributors will use (and need) this information to make purchasing and logistical decisions about your titles.  Here is a screenshot of what a page (or part of it!) looks like for The Tale of Edgar Trunk:

Create Barcodes for Each Edition
A barcode is just a digital code identifying each edition of each title at each price.  Once your information is complete, and you are ready for sales and distribution, you can easily generate one with a click of a button.  You'll get a vector-based file in .eps format, as well as a jpeg suitable for printing.

*note: if following these steps chronologically as they are represented in this blog, you won't be able to generate a barcode at this point.  You will find that you have to start here and return here, several times until everything has fallen into place!

Make Your Book Discoverable
There is a tab on your MyIdentifiers page to upload for archiving and Search Engine Optimization.  I recommend doing this, since online index and search sites such as Google and Bing will crawl your content, store it, archive it, and increase the chances of your titles appearing in searches.  This is such an easy step, and it is essential to the Small Ones like us to do what we can to get noticed.  You don't have to create a digital eReader version of your book; just use the .pdf file when uploading.