Setting Up Your Title for Production & Distribution

In the long chain of the publishing process, somewhere between the final typesetting of your book and the distribution, is a complex chronology of steps that link your title to the real world.

A Brief Overview of the Steps:
1. Securing an ISBN Block
2. Assigning ISBN to each title
3. Filing for EPCN Program with the Library of Congress for the company
4. Applying for an LCCN for each title
5. Updating Title Info with Bowker (My Identifiers Program)
6. Creating Barcode
7. Readying Title for Production

I will go into each of these steps in the coming weeks and attempt to demystify the process.  Launching a publishing company will require all of these steps at least once.  While this may seem daunting (just look at all those acronyms), the task is actually quite simple.  Marketing, finding new great titles, selling and distributing them -- these are the big hurtles.  If you are creative, if you love literature and reading, if you enjoy running your own business and being your own boss, you will prevail.

More to come with Step One: Securing an ISBN Block!